Awards & Recognition: GMK (Turkish Society of Graphic Design)


These are editorial illustrations I made for a magazine. They were exhibited in the annual show held by GMK (GMK is the Art Directors Club of Turkey). I used pencil, spray paint, ink and Adobe Illustrator, then composed them in Adobe Photoshop.




I’ve always been interested in the behaviours of light. Refractions, reflections… The illustration below is an exploration of that.




I wanted to try projection mapping and came up with this project. I used MadMapper, Cinema 4D, Resolume and After Effects.


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A simple game I designed to mingle with Arduino. Are you a hero or dead?


This is a game on the blue wire-red wire dilemma that triggers the bomb in Hollywood movies.  The idea is to use the wires as a switch to trigger action. The selection of wires is random so players never know which wire stops the countdown.

In fiction-land, disarming just about any bomb is a matter of cutting the right wires in the right order — usually each wire will be given a distinctive color, and an assistant will read from a manual: “Clip the red wire, then the blue wire, then the yellow wire…” The implication is generally that if the wrong wire is cut, the bomb will explode instantly, killing the person disarming it and everyone else in the blast radius. The task combines race against the clock with the need to make absolutely sure you’re making the right decision for dramatic tension. 

I used an Arduino, 1 LTC 617 clock display, 1 breadboard, 1 button, 4 10k resistors.


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